Ethnographicpoetry.com is a resource for teachers, learners, and practitioners of ethnographic poetry, inclusive of all academic disciplines that use ethnography, and of all writers who are interested in using poetry to communicate lived experiences in the contemporary social and cultural world.

While interest in using poetry to communicate ethnographic and anthropological research has increased dramatically, most ethnographic poems exist and are shared only in text-based form. Ethnographicpoetry.com emphasizes that poetry is a multi-sensory experience, one that is both read and heard. It features audio recordings of authors reading poems based on and responding to their research and their experiences.

This resource is for anyone with an interest in ethnographic poetry. It may be especially useful to lecturers and teachers working with student poets, and to students interested in getting a feel for what ethnographic poetry sounds like. It responds to and provides opportunities for implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, providing resources that can be used either instead of or in addition to text-based documents. It also celebrates multilingualism and the diversity of ethnographic research taking place today.

The website was built by Dr Kayla Rush, with Spanish translations provided by Dr Andrea García González, and Irish translations by Craig Moran. Development of the website was funded by a Micro Media Grant from the Marie Curie Alumni Association.